Monday, June 22, 2009

Salavessa Viva

Well, i suppose i failed to post the picture of the completed "The Achievemente of Life" painting, however, i've got something more exciting to post today. Here's my first attempt to create a logo. I was asked by a friend to create a logo. This logo is going to be the image of Salavessa's Association. (Salavessa is a nice little village in Alentejo, Portugal. The one i made first, didn't have any river,but then they (at the association) asked me to add something like a river or a lake...These are the options that come out! Unfortunatelly i can't post the original logo (the one without the river) because while drawing the last option i saved it under the original drawing.
I don't know wich of them they will choose, but my favourite was honestly the one without the river!

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