Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Achievement of Giving Life (Provisory Title)

And here's another canvas. Started to paint it this afternoon. It is still being painted, so i decided to post various pictures of it, while being made. The next post, (i think) it's the final result. It was ordered by a friend that loved "Eva or Rapunzel"...
This one is going to end at a little girl's is supposed to represent joy, happiness, achievement, but most of all, to express what a wonderful thing it is to be able to give life. (I don't know, i just guess:P)


Rúben Borralho said...

Está a ficar muito bonito, gosto da criatividade e das cores.

Liliana said...

O que dizer deste quadro??!!!!
Está a ficar fantástico mesmo =)
O teu blogue está mesmo mesmo muito bonito.

És sem dúvida uma grande artista.