Friday, December 19, 2008

Flower Arrangements as a Piece of Art

Hello! Today i would like to invite you all to take a look at my mother's florist shop website, as most of the artworks exposed in there were made by me. Apart from my job, (shop assistant),my studies, and my great interest in fashion, i also work as a florist at my mother's shop. It was probably from Flower Art, that i took my interest in all types of Art. It was actually the first type of art i got experience in. It's a very stimulating job, as you can create arrangements with almost anything. Mixing fresh flowers with dried flowers, recycled materials, or even glitter, it's just an example of how exciting and creative this job can be. But Surprisingly, some people don't look at Flower Works as an Art. Although it's not what i would like to do for my life, working as a florist it's being a great experience, and helps me to express my creativity through other ways apart from fashion. If , for instance, you are one of the persons that as never imagined a flower arrangement as a piece of art, then i invite you to take a look at my portfolio at my mother's website. I promise you that it will change your mind!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Kiwi Collection

Hi! Today I decided to post 4 old sketches for a Fashion Illustration Project that I've done while I was studying in England. We started with a Mood Board inspired in the theme "Natural" and then create a small collection from there.I had to leave most of my portfolio in England, and for this reason I honestly can't remember how many sketches we had to do, but I only have 4 pictures left from the whole project.
sketch croquis my collection green inspired in kiwisketch croquis my collection green inspired in kiwi

sketch croquis my collection green inspired in kiwisketch croquis my collection green inspired in kiwi

This sketches are inspired in a kiwi...hahaha, the brown represents the outside part of the kiwi, the green represents the insides, and there's small seeds embroiled in the fabrics that represents, well, the black kiwi seeds! Hope everyone likes them, although they're not as good as I know I can do now!! They're three years old after all!