Friday, September 4, 2009

Manteiga Voadora Designs First Aniversary

One year has back...i can see things that i could have done diferent. Some went just as well as i predicted...some things will never be the same...but there are things that simply will never change...such as my passion for Arts.

I've started thing blog because i wanted to show the world what i could do with Fashion. But i have realised that art can be expressed in so many ways...and im so expressive...sometimes i simply can't help trying out new things...

For this second year to come...i just hope it goes just as well as i thing this one was for this blog. I've spoken of my idols, presented my fashion sketches...i have even tried oil painting myself... it was a nice year...

Happy Aniversary to me;
Happy Aniversary to the Blog...and of course...all the readers!!!