Monday, August 25, 2008

Introducing Myself: Vilma Araujo

Can´t say that people think I’m different or special. I'm also unable to specify something in which I'm better than the others. I like fashion, although I don´t dress weird or posh. In fact, I look pretty normal. But one thing I can´t deny: I have a different point of view. At least from everyone around me. Obviously there must be a lot of people in the Universe thinking the same way. Simply we haven't had the pleasure to meet yet. If you´re one of those, then feel free to watch this blog, comment or even criticize it if you like. If not, then just don´t bother. I simply don´t care about what you think. I appreciate when people disagree with me, when their aim is to open my mind to other points of view. I don´t mind admit that I'm wrong. You just have to prove so. Anyway, my name is Vilma. I'm 20 years old and with this age, the only thing I believe I am sure is that I am an Artist. Why do I consider myself an artist? Well, I consider myself an artist because I am one of those who are able to see beauty and good where others might not see, I'm a very sensitive person. I'm not saying this because I cry at the smallest problem. In fact, I barely cry although I'm frequently sad. I'm very sensitive simply because I appreciate details. And that´s what Art is made of.