Monday, May 18, 2009

In Galliano's Mind

I honestly can't remember if i ever posted these ones before, but as i don't have anything else to post at the moment, ill take the risk...
This is...a part of another old collection made while i was at Great Yarmouth. In this Project, we had to pick a designer, study his/her style, and then create a small collection as if we were him/her. I choosed John Galliano ("tell me something i don't know!!!!!) although it's horrible now i'm looking again, i honestly made sucess in my class that day...
Basically it is a combination of three things Galliano likes to put on his collections:
- If u look closely at the sketches, you'll see that popular spanish musical instrument, that represents Galliano's origins;
- It has a little bit of street style;
- And finally you can always connect his collections with some part of art or costume history. In this case, i took rococo.
A day to remember....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Blessing of The Folder

Traditionally in Portugal, every year, someday during Spring, there's a big celebration to congratulate students for the sacrifice they made, to have spent between 3 and 5 years partying, flirting , getting drunk until they all drop, and eventually....for the fact that they have finished their courses and are now officially doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc.

During that celebration, there's a cerimony called something like..."The Blessing of the Folders" in wich a priest blesses a certain folder that every student has.
This folder contains several coloured, silk stripes, that are painted according to the course that the student has done or something that he/she likes; and where family, relatives, and friends write their testimonials and wishes for the student.

I have been painting those stipes for people who ordered, so i decided to post some of them here. The ones i'm posting today, have all the same subject: Butterflies! How original! Hope you like them!!!