Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beyond Fashion

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I thought that one of the very first things to do in this blog was introducing myself. I have already done it, (and I think its pretty explicit),but I might have skipped the part where I´m supposed to explain what this blog is about. I decided to do it now because I´m not far from the beginning yet. Although its pretty obvious that this blog is related to fashion, some of you might have been wondering why the description of the blog says "Beyond Fashion"... Well, this blog is just the result of a little bit of the way I think and the way I want my future to be. I said in my very first post that i consider myself an artist. In abridgment, my objective is to become a fashion designer, and hopefully be able to do that for living. ( i´m just saying this because i have friends that graduated in fashion design, and are now working in some other industries...seems like there is no place for them in the fashion world,yet...) But the only reason why i want to become a fashion designer, is to be able to officially sell my Art. I know i might look weird by saying this, but this is just the way i see the world. I've also mentioned what one of my Fashion teachers told me once about what he thought about modern fashion designers (that we are unable to create anything new). Well, he thinks that we are incapable to create, so he simply teaches his students to find out what the fashion dictators are dictating to be the tendencies, and to design something from there. If this is the way people teach students around the world, i honestly think they are wrong. If we are studying to create something that has already been invented, then...why do we need fashion designers for???The ones we call fashion dictators are the ones that crossed the line of the impossible and innovated when everyone else thought that there was nothing beyond. If you think big, you might grow, but if you have small minds, then you just keep in touch with the tendencies... I am simply going to use Fashion Design as an Art tool...i cant promise i going innovate, but at least i´ll try hard. I'm not going to limit myself to follow tendencies neither my objective is to become a fashion dictator myself. I want to do Art in the shape of fashion, and help my customers to dress the way they like, no matter what the tendencies are. Fashion is Innovation. But I'm beyond that...


AgYogi said...

Hello Vilma,
I stumbled upon your blog via the name of Paul Poiret. On the subject of who creates fashion, and whether there is anything original under the sun. It seems that what is frequently considered "popular" fashion does sometimes spring directly from the street. Someone, somewhere, dares to be different or simply follows their bliss, theirinner muse. This person is copied by others. When someone adopts it that has some celebrity, it suddenly takes on a new aura. It is projected to millions and is instantly
accepted because of the popularity of the celebrity. Fashion merchandisers then promote the new "look".

I recall reading about a woman who "discovered" the
handiwork of some artisan in Morrocco. The item was a beaded belt and sold for only a few dollars. Most people passed it by. It was just so much
tourist "crap." But this woman had a good eye and
bought all the belts. She put them in a fashionable
boutique in New York for $150 each. They sold out
rapidly. The moral? Most people don't have an appreciation of what is beautiful, what is unique. They rely on others whose judgement they trust to decide for them. The beaded belt had not changed at all. But now it was in a NY boutique, at $150. Now it is special. Now it is beautiful. Make your art.

Follow your bliss. If you want to make a living with it, it will help if you can find a creative way to get it noticed, to market it.

Maybe this can help you. I found it in Spanish. I hopeyou can understand it. --un beso, Roger

aprendi ante todo que los pequeños juguetes,
las cosas de moda o de lujo
no son solo chucherias y cursiladas
ni solo un hallazgo de los fabricantes y comerciantes
ansiosos de ganar dinero
sino son legitimos, bellos, diversos,
un mundo pequeño, o mas bien grande,
de cosas cuyo unico fin es el de servir el amor
refinar los sentidos, hacer revisar el mundo muerto que nos rodea
y dotarle magicamente de nuevos organos para el amor
desde los polvos y el perfume, hasta el zapato de baile
desde el anillo hasta la pitillera
desde la hebilla del cinturon hasta el bolso.
ese bolso no es un bolso, el monedero no es monedero
las flores no son flores, el abanico no es abanico
todo es materia plastica del amor, de la magia
del estimulo, es mensajero
contrabandista, arma, grito de batalla

--Herman Hesse

AgYogi said...
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AgYogi said...

Sorry I published it twice!

Manteiga Voadora said...

That's what ignorance does... Nice story! It clearly reveals how stupid people can be...People often look, but don't see...don't aprecciate things, don't try to understand the meaning, the purpose of his case, they must have seen the belt and thought: "if it is in THIS SHOP and if it is SO expesive, it must be really good, or must be in vogue"...

Honestly a nice example! Thank you for the interest on my opinion and in my blog!